UE5 Plugin Failed To Load Because Module Could Not Be Found

Read this if you are experiencing the error “Plugin X failed to load because Module Y could not be found” in unreal engine. This may happen due to different things and scenarios, we’ll cover a few here to help you troubleshoot.

Error only happens in shipping build

If you’re experiencing this error only on the shipping build but not while developing then there is a high chance you made a typing error on the module implementation.

Solution for error in shipping build

You need to check the cpp file of the mentioned module. Specifically you need to check the line

“IMPLEMENT_MODULE(ModuleClass, ModuleName);”

Basically You need to ensure “ModuleName” in the above line matches the module name that could not be found. 


Example. “Plugin CoolCar failed to load because module CarWheels could not be found”.


What you need to ensure:

					//IMPLEMENT_MODULE(ModuleClass, ModuleName);

IMPLEMENT_MODULE(FCarWheels, CarWheels);

//Still Correct, Basically the name you give to the instance of the module is what matters.
IMPLEMENT_MODULE(FSomeDifferentClassName, CarWheels);

//Wrong, mistakenly used Class as module name here.

//Wrong, the module name does not match "CarWheels"
IMPLEMENT_MODULE(FCarWheels, MyCarWheelsModule);


A common error is writing FCarWheels instead of CarWheels where Module name is supposed to go.


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