UE5 Fails To Open Visual Studio Fix

Unreal Engine Go to definition fail

This tutorial covers the following scenarios where Unreal Engine Fails To Launch Visual Studio:

  1. Unreal Engine Does not open Visual Studio when double clicking C++ file from content browser. No Error shows up.
  2. “Go to definition” In Blueprint Does Not Open Visual Studio. Only Message That Shows Up Is “Reading C++ Symbols”
  3. Widget Reflector Does Not Open Visual Studio When Clicking On Source File To View Its code.

Summarised Solution Steps

  1. Run Unreal Engine in Administrator Mode
  2. Install Visual Studio C++ Tools 

Detailed Solution Steps

Run Unreal Engine In Administrator Mode

Unreal Engine needs to be run in administrator mode to run or launch other programs like Visual Studio. This is a Windows operating system requirement. If a program needs to launch another program, it needs administrator privileges. 

Run Unreal Engine as Administrator

Install Visual Studio C++ Tools

Check If the required C++ Tools for  Visual Studio Tools Are set up Correctly. These are set up In The Visual Studio Installer. See Image Below.