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Spline Architect

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Place & move objects along splines in UE5

Spline Architect is an unreal engine 5 plugin that allows you to place and move any AActor along any spline component using various techniques and methods. You can use it to create Level Building tools that follow spline paths quite easily… Follow the Tutorial.

Works with Blender Curves Importer

If you also have the Blender Spline Importer Plugin, which imports curves from blender into unreal engine 5 as splines,  you can use this plugin to place meshes along those splines.

  • Import Splines From Blender.
  • Open the Blueprints and pass the splines to the Spline Layer Component.
  • Select the mesh to place along the spline.
  • The Spline Layer Component will then place the meshes along the spline.

How To Move Actors Along Splines In UE5

The SplineMovement Component in the UE5 Spline Architect plugin can move any actor along any spline of your choosing.

  1. Call the set spline function.
  2. Call the Begin Movement function to start moving actors along the set spline.

Timed Movement Along Splines.

You can set the speed the actors move along the spline component by setting the amount of time to a lower time. If you set the timer to 2 seconds, the actors will cross the spline within 2 seconds.

Target A Point In The Spline

Splines have multiple points to them and you can target a single point, and the actor will move towards that point within the stipulated time.

Move Backwards or Forwards

You can either move from the front of the spline to the end , or the other way round. The SplineMovement Component has all the tools you need for Spline related Movement.

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