How To Import Splines From Blender Into Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 does not natively support importing curves/splines from blender 3D but there is a way to archive what we want with the use of plugins. The plugins are very easy to use; just plug and play. The advantage of using these is that the splines are exported as USplineComponents so after import, there is no difference between manually created splines and imported splines.


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The Import Process:

1. Download The Exporter Addon And The Importer Plugin

Blender Curves Exporter (Addon For Blender).
Blender Curves Importer (Plugin For Unreal Engine).
Download both of them.

2. Install The Blender Exporter Addon In Blender 3D

The addon is installed like all other blender addons. Just choose the Blender Curve when prompted during the installation process.

3. Install The Unreal Engine Splines Importer Plugin

The Importer is called Blender Curves Extract this, then Move and place the folder in the Engine’s Plugins Folder like this: …Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/Algosyntax/Blender Curves Importer
It will then work for all unreal engine projects

4.Export The Bezier Curves From Blender

Inside Blender, you either have Bezier Curves or other types of curves. First, select all curves, and then convert to Bezier Curves.
Next, there will be a side panel labeled “Curve Exporter” in Blender.
Select all Curves (splines) you wish to export and click the “Export Selected Curves” Button.
A file called ‘Blender Curves.bcv’ will be saved on your desktop. This is the file we will import in unreal engine.

5. Import The Blender Curves.bcv file in Unreal Engine

Inside Unreal Engine, make sure the plugin is enabled.
Then Right Click On the Content Folder And Import the “Blender Curves.bcv” file from the desktop.
The Splines will be imported as USplineComponents and will be saved in a folder called “SplineImports” in the Content Folder.

Special Usage Notes

Full Source. Supports ALL Unreal Engine Versions 4.24 and above. Including Unreal Engine 5.0 and above.

Make sure you don’t use illegal characters like “? <> . ” etc when naming your curves in blender. These will be read by Unreal Engine and saved as Splines.