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Rigs For Twinmotion Musical Pack 1

Introducing Rigs For Twinmotion Musical Pack 1, a dynamic plugin that complements the free Twinmotion Musical Pack 1 available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. If you’re keen on animating the pack’s musical instruments, this plugin offers the necessary Rigs and code to ease the animation process.

The plugin introduces a streamlined interface to work with Rig Content packs. Each Rig Content Pack provides:

  • Skeletons and Skeletal Meshes
  • Control Rigs
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Physics Assets
  • Blueprints and Code that harness the above assets for seamless animation.

Moreover, the plugin can integrate with Midi Engine, a free plugin for importing MIDI files in Unreal Engine 5. This allows you to drive the rig animations using MIDI events, empowering you to create stunning MIDI-driven animations within UE5. This combination of tools is ideal for crafting immersive, music-centric virtual environments.

Twinmotion Musical Pack 1 is available FOR FREE  on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. 
If you are interested in animating the musical instruments from the pack, this plugin provides the Rigs and code to help you animate the instruments easily. 

Control Rigs For Twinmotion Musical pack

The plugin provides an interface to work with our Rig Content packs. Each Rig Content Pack contains the following for its respective Instrument: 

Skeletons and Skeletal Meshes

Control Rigs

Animation Blueprints

Physics Assets

Blueprints And Code to animate using the above assets.

UE5 Rigs Assets for Twinmotion Musical Pack

Full Drum Set Rigs Content Pack Included

The plugin by default comes with the Drum Set Rigs Content Pack for Twinmotion Music Pack 1 Drums. This includes rigs and assets for the:

Kick Drum




Floor Tom

Crash Cymbal

Ride Cymbals

More Instruments Rigs

You can expand your rigs collection by getting rig content packs for the other instruments like:

Guitars Rig Content Pack

Synthesizer Rigs Content Pack

Violins Rigs Content Pack

Saxophones Rigs Content Packs

Contrabass Rigs Content Packs

Drive Animations With Midi Engine

Midi Engine is a Free Plugin that allows you to import MIDI Files in Unreal Engine 5 and procedurally drive animations with MIDI Events. You can drive the rig animations using MIDI Engine and create awesome MIDI Driven Animations In UE5.

Brief Installation Instructions

This plugin adds Skeletons, And Rigs for TwinMotion Musical Pack so it requires that you have it added to a project before you add/open its content and use it. TM Musical Pack 1 is FREE. 

You have to always do it in this order or skeletal meshes will not find the materials they need you’ll have to assign materials manually later or start over.

  1. Add TwinMotion Musical Pack 1 to your project using the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Install this plugin on the same project.
  3. That’s it.

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