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MIDI Engine: Complete Bundle

MIDI Engine: Complete Bundle Combines  MIDI Engine Core and all its extensions. The ultimate tool for working with MIDI Files in unreal engine 5.

This Bundle Contains:

Latest Updates Info:

  • Add MIDI Event Filter to Midi Listener Components.
  • Changed Playhead IDs to FStrings from Integers for ease of use.
  • Minor bug fixes.

How to use it once installed?

Start by following this video which discusses MIDI Broadcasters and Listeners work flow. 

Once you understand broadcasting and listening to MIDI Events, You may wish to broadcast MIDI Events using Sequencer. You should then watch this Sequencer extension demo:

Common Problems And FAQ

  • Problem: MIDI Seems to be out of sync during playback.
    Some DAWs do not export the timings correctly. 
    FL Studio works fine.
    For Reaper, the reported method that works is to export your MIDI File like this: File > Export Project MIDI

Example Blueprint Logic

Here are a few simple example blueprint setups to trigger common animations with MIDI Engine.

Turn Emmisive Material On & OFF On Kick

Send an email to [email protected] for help.

Supported Engine Versions