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MIDI Engine Bundles

MIDI Engine: Complete Bundle Combines  MIDI Engine Core and all its extensions. The ultimate tool for working with MIDI Files in unreal engine 5.

Buy / License Midi Engine For Your Next Project.

Pricing for MidiEngine Starts at just $99 for Individuals. Contact 
[email protected]  for more information and to get an invoice.

Download the Demo For Free and Try it. Its limited to 15 Seconds of playback. You can also check out the Patreon versions which give full version access without the source code.

How to use it once installed?

Install it to the …/Engine’s plugin’s folder.

Installation Video: How to install 3rd party plugins.

You can import your own .Midi files or quickly get started by opening the example content:

Start By Opening the MidiEngine Broadcasters Plugin Content Folder.
In there you will find the Blueprint: “BroadcasterMidiListenerBP”.

You can drag this to any level and play in PIE. Watch the sphere and then browse the BP nodes. The example content provides a MidiAsset and Audio to help you get started quicker.

NB: Keep in mind the LITE demo version is limited to 15 seconds max of playback.

Join us on discord for support.

To start from scratch, watch and follow the video below using either your assets or the ones provided. This video discusses MIDI Broadcasters’ and Listeners’ workflow. 

NB: As of V1.68:

  • you need to call “InitBroadcaster” before “StartBroadcast” when following the above video.
  • There is a new component “MidiBroadcasterAudioComponent” That you can use while following the video below, that will play, and pause the audio for you.


Once you understand broadcasting and listening to MIDI Events, You may wish to broadcast MIDI Events using Sequencer. You should then watch this Sequencer extension demo.

You may also wish to play the Midi Files using metasounds, or create Rhythm Games. Both extensions are available on Patreon.

Example Blueprint Logic

First check each plugin’s content folder for example blueprints, Virtual Instruments and other assets.

Here are a few simple example blueprint setups to trigger common animations with MIDI Engine.

Turn Emmisive Material On & OFF On Kick

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