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MIDI Engine: Complete Bundle

MIDI Engine: Complete Bundle Combines  MIDI Engine Core and all its extensions. The ultimate tool for working with MIDI Files in unreal engine 5.

How to use it once installed?

Start by following this video which discusses MIDI Broadcasters and Listeners’ workflow. 


NB: As of V1.68:

  • you need to call “InitBroadcaster” before “StartBroadcast” when following the below video.
  • There is a new component “MidiBroadcasterAudioComponent” That you can use while following the video below, that will play, and pause the audio for you.

You may need an Audio+ MIDI File pair to follow along. You can download this royalty-free Synthwave track before you continue with the tutorial or use your own.

Once you understand broadcasting and listening to MIDI Events, You may wish to broadcast MIDI Events using Sequencer. You should then watch this Sequencer extension demo:  

You can get the Sequencer Extension on Patreon.

Example Blueprint Logic

First check each plugin’s content folder for example blueprints, Virtual Instruments and other assets.

Here are a few simple example blueprint setups to trigger common animations with MIDI Engine.

Turn Emmisive Material On & OFF On Kick

Source Files And How To License MidiEngine


[email protected] 

Lite Version

The Entry Level Plugin to make different types of Midi-driven Rythm games. With MidiEngine Lite you can import and script logic to run when MidiEvents are broadcast.


Price: $69

PRO Version

The PRO version is all a game developer needs. Features importing MidiFiles, Broadcasting and Listening to MidiFile events and Playing back MidiAssets using Metasounds.


Price: $149

DELUXE Version

The Deluxe version of MidiEngine comes with the Sequencer extension which adds extra tools for those working on cinematic midi animations/music videos. Features accurate Midi Synced Renders at any framerate and resolution from the Movie Render Queue.
The Free DELUXE Version can be downloaded on Patreon.

Price: $249

Current Version:

Supported Engine Versions: