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UE5 Scene Management With Multiple Level Sequences

Learn how to manage multiple Level Sequences across multiple Maps/Levels in unreal engine. This tutorial will cover the basics of scene management in unreal engine 5.

Spawnables Vs Possessables In UE5

A 3D object in an unreal engine animation scene can be owned by the level sequence or the map.

When its owned by a level sequence its called a spawnable.

When its owned by the Map its called a Possessable.

By ownership here we mean which of the two will control if a 3D object is spawned and deleted from a scene. Read this intro for a Level Sequence Spawnable.

Objects as Spawnables In A Level Sequence

  • When the owning level sequence is closed, Spawnables will be removed from the current map.
  • When a different Map/Level is loaded, Spawnables will get added to the new map when their owning level sequence is opened.
  • Therefore, you do not have to recreate animations for the same object when switching Maps.

Objects as Possesables In A Level Sequence

  • When the owning Level Sequence is closed, Possessables will remain on the scene. 
  • When a different Map/Level is loaded, Possessables will NOT be added to the scene when their owning level sequence is open. Their tracks will be marked Red(invalid) but the information is still stored on the level sequence and will be valid when the owning map is opened again.
  • Therefore, Possessable Animations are only valid when the owning Map/Level is open and nowhere else. You have to recreate animations for the same object when switching maps/level sequences.

Switching Cameras

Switching cameras in unreal is done by using the Camera Cuts Track and multiple cameras. The process is simple:

  1. Add Multiple Cameras to the scene and position them
  2. Add A Camera Cuts Track to the Level Sequence
  3. Create a Binding To A Camera by using the “+Camera” button.

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