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How to make a beatstar rhythm game in unreal engine 5

We can develop rhythm games similar to Beatstar in Unreal Engine 5. Especially with the help of specific plugins designed to ease the development process. The plugins of interest here are

each offering unique features that cater to rhythm game development in Unreal Engine 5.  Our approach will be based on features that facilitate the use of MIDI files and customizable game mechanics. 

  • Primary Function: Provides tools for building Note Highway type rhythm games, similar to Beatstar.
  • MIDI Integration: Allows for importing and using MIDI files to drive rhythm gameplay.
  • Customizability: Highly customizable, allowing developers to create unique gameplay experiences.
  • Development Acceleration: Saves months of development time, beneficial for solo developers and teams.
  • Technical Specs:
    • Code Modules: AxMidiCoreEditor, AxMidiBroadcasters, and more.
    • Blueprints & C++ Classes: Over 10 blueprints and 27+ C++ classes.
    • Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Functionality: Syncs MIDI files with audio files, aiding in rhythm game or audiovisual creation.
  • Flexibility: Offers classes and functions for sending MidiEvents from a file to any UObject or Actor.
  • Data Accessibility: Provides access to various MIDI file data like pitch names, velocity, and more.
  • Technical Specs:
    • Code Modules: AxMidiCore, AxMidiBroadcasters, CommonOps, and others.
    • Platform Support: Extensive, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Core Features: Cross-platform MIDI file importer and parser for Unreal Engine.
  • Data Extraction: Access to various MIDI file data including Midi File Name, Time Signature, Pitch Name, etc.
  • Extensibility: Can be easily integrated into existing projects.
  • Technical Specs:
    • Code Modules: AxMidiCore, AxMidiCoreEditor, CommonOps.
    • Platform Support: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Steps to Create a Beatstar-Style Rhythm Game

  1. Get the MidiEngine Rhythm Tools Bundle From the unreal marketplace. 
  2. Watch the tutorials for the MidiEngine Broadcasters plugin to understand how the underlying system works.
  3. Follow the tutorials for the Rhythm Tools bundle 
  4. Get a headstart by customizing  Rhythm Tools Templates found in the examples folders.

MIDI Engine 3 For UE5


Gamechanger plugin for notehighway rhythm games and music visualizers


Add Text and 2D UMG widgets to Level Sequences

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