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Creating Engaging Text Overlays and Subtitles in Unreal Engine 5

You can now easilty create Text Overlays and Subtitles in Unreal Engine 5 by following the below tutorial. 

They not only help communicate the game’s narrative but also make the gameplay more accessible and inclusive. With Unreal Engine 5, the process of creating these text overlays and subtitles has become easier and more engaging, particularly with the introduction of the UMG Cinematics plugin.

The Significance of Text Overlays and Subtitles

Text overlays and subtitles are the unsung heroes of immersive gameplay. They narrate captivating stories, present essential game mechanics, guide players through complex puzzles, and ensure inclusivity by assisting players who are hard of hearing or those who prefer to play with muted audio. For a game to reach a global audience, clear and intuitive text overlays and subtitles are indispensable.

Vanilla Text Implementation in Unreal Engine

Before the UMG Cinematics plugin, developers faced a series of challenges in implementing dynamic text overlays and subtitles in Unreal Engine. Traditional methods demanded a series of labor-intensive steps, including the creation of unique assets for each piece of text and meticulous reimporting and repositioning of these assets whenever changes were required. This process was not only time-consuming but also lacked flexibility.

Simplifying Text Overlays and Subtitles with UMG Cinematics

The UMG Cinematics plugin offers an innovative solution to these challenges. It seamlessly integrates UMG widgets, including dynamic text, into sequencer and level sequences. Developers can now modify text strings within the SceneEditableText widget, thereby drastically reducing the number of unique text assets required.

How To Add Text Overlays and Subtitles with UMG Cinematics

  1. Begin by creating a User Widget Blueprint.
  2. Within a Level Sequence, add a “UMG Widgets” track and select the Blueprint created earlier.
  3. Adjust the section length to fit your narrative needs.
  4. Animate the opacity, transform, and other parameters using keyframes.

By following these simple steps, you can now create dynamic, editable text overlays and subtitles with ease.

Leverage the Power of UMG Cinematics

UMG Cinematics offers a transformative solution to the complexities of implementing text overlays and subtitles in Unreal Engine 5. Its efficient process, flexibility, and potential for creating immersive gameplay make it an invaluable tool for game developers.

If you’re ready to harness the power of UMG Cinematics, you can purchase it on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Alternatively, consider joining our Patreon at the $5/month tier to gain access to UMG Cinematics and support our work. Make the switch to UMG Cinematics today, and let your game narratives unfold seamlessly.

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