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UMG Cinematics

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Widget Spawnables For Sequencer In UE5

UMG Cinematics is an unreal engine 5 plugin that makes it possible to add  UMG widgets to sequencer and level sequences. 

By adding widgets to sequencer, you can create custom fade tracks, add text, and animate 2D shapes and layers either in between sequencer shots or overlayed.

UMG Cinematics plugin introduces the concept of widget spawnables to sequencer by creating a custom UMG Widget Track within sequencer.

How to add UMG widgets to Sequencer

To add UMG widgets to Sequencer in unreal engine follow these steps:

  1. Create the User Widget Blueprint.
  2. In a Level Sequence, Add a “UMG Widgets” track and select the BP created in step 1.
  3. Your BP will now appear in your level sequence and you can change the section length.
  4. You can animate the opacity and transform using keyframes…

NB: You need to be in “Simulate” mode to see your Widget.

How to use UMG to add Subtitles and Text Layers In Sequencer

You can use this plugin with the SceneEditableText widget to add subtitles or modifiable strings to your Level sequences.

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