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Modular Piano Keys

Modular Piano Keys is a time-saving plugin that adds the ability to spawn any number of Piano Keys and animate their rotations.

It contains C++ Classes and a PianoSpawner Example Blueprint and Meshes and Materials.

The meshes are easily changeable if you wish to do so. 

How to use once installed:

Go to the plugin’s content folder and there you shall find an example “PianoSpawnerBP” … You can drag this into the world and the construction script will run each time you change the “Num Keys” variable and the Start Keys variables.

Play with these two variables to see what they do.

The Start Key: Has to be a valid Piano Key, Eg like “C0” or “G#5”.

The Num Keys: Any number capped at 128.


You can generate a maximum of 128 keys starting with “C0”.


If you would like to change this you can change the code and remove the limit.


How to rotate keys:

Call the “SetKeyRotation” function and submit which key, eg “C5” and the degree of rotation eg “10” for 10 degrees.

You can also call SetKeyRotationByNum while will accept MIDI Numbers like “60”… for C5

How to change key color or material

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