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Unreal Engine Midi File Importer

MidiEngine is a plugin for  Unreal Engine 5 that adds functionality to import Midi files into unreal engine 5 as UObjects. It will import .mid files as UMidiAssets which is a custom data type to represent MIDI files within unreal engine. 

After Importing, you can access and query the UMidiAsset for MidiTracks(Instruments) and their respective MidiNotes.

Available Extensions

In case you want to extend the functionality of Midi Engine: Core beyond importing MIDI Files,  we have extensions that will make your life easier.  So before you write any extra code to process UMidiAssets, consider the following plugins, they will save you a lot of time:

Midi Engine Broadcasters is an extension for MIDI Engine : Core, that adds functionality to “playback” and broadcast MIDI Events. It contains functions like StartBrodacast(Play), Stop Broadcast(Stop) etc. The plugin will broadcast MIDI Events like NoteOn Event from the MIDI File when they happen during playback.  
You can read more about the extension here.

Midi Engine Sequencer integrates MIDI Files with Unreal Engine Sequencer Editor.
It will add a “MIDI Track” as part of Level Sequence tracks. This means you can embed MIDI Files, as tracks, into Level Sequences and use the Sequencer Editor to control when MIDI Files start broadcasting. 
If your goal is creating Cinematics synced to MIDI Events, this is the plugin to get.

We highly recommend watching this video first, Then To read more about the types of classes and other docs of Midi Engine Core, Go to the full documentation Page linked below.

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