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MIDI Engine : Rhythm Tools

MIDI Engine: Rhythm Tools is part of the MidiEngine Framework, specifically designed for note highway types of rhythm games in Unreal Engine. This extension, dependent on Midi Engine: Core, Midi Engine: Broadcasters, and Spline Architect, provides:

  • Templates, blueprints, and code tailored for rhythm game creation.
  • The capability to design engaging Note Highways and dynamic rush notes, bringing the addictive mechanics of games like Beatstar and guitar hero to your project.
  • A streamlined game development process, making rhythm game design accessible and efficient.

Whether you aspire to develop a hit rhythm game or to infuse rhythm mechanics into your existing game, MidiEngine: Rhythm Tools offers the necessary tools to transform your vision into a reality.

Rhythm Game Classes and Templates

Rhythm Tools relies on the Midi Engine framework and greatly simplifies the process of creating note highway types of rhythm games in Blueprints. 

Join the Discord using the link below if you have any questions.

Video Tutorial Series

We’ve created a rhythm game-building tutorial to follow along. You can follow along just fine with the evaluation copy from Patreon. Heres part 1:

Part 1

Part 2

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