MIDI Engine : Rhythm Tools

MIDI Engine: Rhythm Tools is an addon to the MidiEngine suite, specifically designed for rhythm game development in Unreal Engine. This extension, dependent on Midi Engine: Core, Midi Engine: Broadcasters, and Spline Architect, provides:

  • Templates, blueprints, and code tailored for rhythm game creation.
  • The capability to design engaging judgment lines and dynamic rush notes, bringing the addictive mechanics of games like Beatstar to your project.
  • A streamlined game development process, making rhythm game design accessible and efficient.

Whether you aspire to develop a hit rhythm game or to infuse rhythm mechanics into your existing game, MidiEngine: Rhythm Tools offers the necessary tools to transform your vision into a reality.

Rhythm Game Classes and Templates

Rhythm Tools is an extension for Midi Engine that greatly simplifies the process of creating a rhythm game in Blueprints. 

Try it for free!

If you’re on the fence about getting rhythm tools, evaluate it for free on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/algosyntax 

Bundled With:

This Plugin depends on the following plugins and is bundled with them. Purchasing this will also grant you licenses for each of them. All Plugins come with their full source codes.

NB: If you already own one or more of these contact us for a  discount. 

  • Midi Engine : Core
  • Midi Engine : Broadcasters
  • Spline Architect

Join the Discord using the link on the right if you have any questions.

Video Tutorial Series

We’ve created a rhythm game-building tutorial to follow along. You can follow along just fine with the evaluation copy from Patreon. Heres part 1:

Quick Start Guide

Ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest MidiEngine Plugin(s).

Open the Rhythm Tools Plugin  Content Folder and load the example map. You can start playing in PIE or standalone to try the template out.

NB: Disable Auto Exposure in your Project settings to fix the lighting issue.

You can then go through the rest of the  Blueprints and see how everything connects together.

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