Enhance your MIDI Driven Rhythm Game development process with the Midi Engine PRO Bundle. This comprehensive collection of Unreal Engine plugins is designed to maximize your game’s audio interactivity. The PRO Bundle includes:

  • MidiEngine: Core – Helps import of Midi files and creates Blueprint exposed UObjects out of them.
  • MidiEngine: Broadcasters – A critical plugin that broadcasts various Midi events, including Note ON and Note OFF events, velocity, start time, duration, pitch, and more.
  • MidiEngine: Metasounds – An advanced feature offering tools, interfaces, and a system to create Unreal Engine Virtual Instruments, similar to popular DAW plugins like Kontakt. It sends Midi events to metasounds, enabling the audible play of these events and significantly enhancing your game’s audio experience.

Together, these plugins enhance your midi-audio workflow, providing top-tier control and efficiency. The Midi Engine PRO Bundle, building on the foundations of the MidiEngine LITE Bundle, brings an additional layer of capability with MidiEngine: Metasounds. It enables the creation of an expansive range of Midi-based applications with professional-grade quality.

Midi Engine PRO Bundle Contains:

MidiEngine : Core 

MidiEngine : Broadcasters 

MidiEngine : Metasounds 

All plugins come with full source files and 1 year of support and free updates.

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