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Midi Engine : Pianos

Create midi driven iano appsĀ  in Unreal Engine 5 , using the code and templates from this plugin.

Combines Features From The Following Plugins :

    • Modular Piano Keys to create piano key meshes,
    • Midi Engine Core to import Midi files,
    • Midi Engine Broadcasters Plugin to respond to incoming Midi events.
    • Midi Engine Metasounds To produce sound when users press a key or play a midi file.

Midi Driven Piano Visualizer Assets And Templates

This extension contains code, blueprints, and assets to help you build a Piano visualizer app or game. You can even integrate it into a larger game where there is a pianist character.

It runs on top of MidiEngine so if you already have those, this plugin extension is a must-have!

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How customizable is it?

Very! We’d argue that whatever standards of customizability you demand, this plugin will satisfy and go beyond!

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