MIDI Engine Lite

Embark on your MIDI files and rhythm games development journey with the Midi Engine Lite Bundle. This Unreal Engine plugin collection enhances your game’s audio interactivity. The bundle comprises:

  • MidiEngine: Core – Serving as the cornerstone for Midi operations, it simplifies the import of Midi files.
  • MidiEngine: Broadcasters – A key element that broadcasts Midi events, including details like Note ON and Note OFF events, velocity, start time, duration, pitch, and more, making listening to these events seamless.

Working in unison, these plugins optimize your midi-audio implementation process. Despite the ‘Lite’ label, this bundle is the foundational layer for the entire MidiEngine suite of plugins. With it, you can develop¬† pretty much any Midi Driven Game , Visualizer or App, Including the development of DAW-like features. See our MidiEngine Metasounds plugin for example. Thus, the Midi Engine Lite Bundle is not just a fundamental starting point, but the core of any Midi-centric game development endeavor.

Midi Engine Lite Bundle Contains:

MidiEngine : Core

MidiEngine : Broadcasters

All plugins come with full source files and 1 year of support and free updates.

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