MIDI Engine Deluxe

Develop audio interactive mechanics with the Midi Engine Deluxe Bundle – a selection of comprehensive Unreal Engine plugins:

  • MidiEngine: Core – An essential unit ensuring effortless Midi file imports.
  • MidiEngine: Broadcasters – Enables broadcasting of diverse Midi events like velocity, start time, pitch, and more to other actors or listeners.
  • MidiEngine: Metasounds – A suite to build Unreal Engine Virtual Instruments and orchestrate Midi events into sound sequences.
  • MidiEngine: Sequencer – The game-changer for Midi-driven cinematics. Adds a Midi track to the sequencer, enabling easy scrubbing of the Midi file during scene edits. It effectively transforms the Sequencer tool/level sequences into¬† Midi Broadcasters.

The Deluxe Bundle expands the capabilities of the MidiEngine PRO Bundle with the inclusion of MidiEngine: Sequencer, unveiling new avenues of Midi interaction. It’s more than an advanced toolkit – it’s the powerhouse behind your Midi-oriented game development.

Midi Engine Deluxe Bundle Contains:

MidiEngine : Core

MidiEngine : Broadcasters

MidiEngine : Sequencer

MidiEngine : Metasounds

All plugins come with full source files and 1 year of support and free updates.

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