Unreal Engine 5 “ Could Not Find Code ” Error Fix

This Unreal Engine ” Could Not Find Code ” Error May Occur during the following scenarios:
1. In Blueprints “Go To Definition” Function
2. Inside Widget Reflector When Attempting to navigate to C++ Source (on click)

Advantage of this method to fix the Unreal Engine “Could Not Find Code” Error is that:

  1. You do not need to move your Unreal Engine Installation to another drive. So you get to keep it on your C:/ SSD Drive for fast access.
  2. You Don’t need to install/buy another hard drive. It’s a Quick , and Easy Fix.

Notes: If Instead of this Error, Unreal Engine Does Not Launch Visual Studio At All, You can view this Tutorial:

Unreal Engine Not Launching Visual Studio Solution


Supported Engine Versions: All